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Re: Some news

Post by mitja_i » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:57 am

There were no forum accounts deleted. Trolls are banned everywhere. Victor Trucco is not gone. Only toxic behaviour is yours. Project is far from cold.

It's your first post. Now we know you are just a troll.
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Re: Some news

Post by Sokurah » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:55 am

C64 wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:36 am
what about taking a pledge from backer against his will to shut up him up.
highly toxic behavior everywhere.
This one is true though. Well, both really. It was zxjoe that happened to if I recall correctly? While I don't agree 100% with their decision to cancel his pledge I fully understand why they did it, as he was one of the most negative and toxic pieces of shit I've ever come across. At the end of the day they're selling a product (or trying to get to a point where they can) and it's totally up to them to decide who they want to sell their product to. Yes, he should've had final say over his own pledge ... but he WAS warned - repeatedly - that this would happen if he didn't "reign it in". But he couldn't - or wouldn't - understand and kept spreading his annoying vitriol. He was probably never going to contribute with anything positive for the community anyway and I'm happy that he's gone.
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Re: Some news

Post by Alcoholics Anonymous » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:11 pm

C64 you are zxjoe right?

There is a rot in a small portion of the zx community that is driven by hate & jealousy.

There is some of it on display in public and even here in this forum - you just have to look up some of BlackCat's post to see it. He has little knowledge of the zx next project but it doesn't stop him from attacking and insulting the project and people involved here and on other forums. His account here had to be locked because he mainly contributes misinformation which some people may take as factual.

Some of it is not public - the lawsuit threats (most hot air) and personal insults. In the zx scene, lawsuit threats are common like saying hello to your neighbour so that has to be kept in context.

And then there was joezx. He was posting lies and making stuff up on the kickstarter page because his feelings got hurt. What do you do with a person like that? How do we respond to a post like yours which is just a hateful emotional outburst? No one likes to censor (your post is still here as is BlackCat's crap) but there has to be a reasonable limit on emotional ranting and the toxicity present in this part of the spectrum scene. It's funny how the most toxic elements are rarely aware that they are the toxin.

This is the price you pay for being a passionate hobbyist working on a high profile project in the zx scene - the conspiracy theorists wish for failure and the jealousy and hate come out in public and in private when someone's idea is not adopted.

Anyway the zx next project is most certainly not cold. It has been very actively developed for the last couple years up until this moment and will continue to be developed after the delivery until the final vision is reached. This should be clear to anyone who follows as the next is now a long way from the original conception at kickstarter which was basically a zx clone with a pi attached.

Victor is still in the project but he is no longer lead on the core. He wanted a break for a while after working on things for a few years straight and in that break, development was continued by others. This has been highly successful and things have continued like that. I remember people asking "why isn't the core opened to the community so they can contribute?" - Guess what, people who were interested got involved in the development. When that happens, it's suddenly a negative. The spectrum community truly can't make up their minds.

The zx next project is driven by about a dozen people "inside" and many others "outside", not just one.

Dealing with this toxic part of the community is truly tiring and disheartening. But we know there are many more people who are enthusiastic and passionate about the zx so it's easier to ignore the bad parts.

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Re: Some news

Post by varmfskii » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:47 pm

I consider myself a nobody, and I have little to no trouble getting information out of the team.
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Re: Some news

Post by quantumDavey » Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:38 pm

Clearly from update #50 on kickstarter, the project isn't dead.

I have to admit I was getting concerned [the hardware part of ] the project had collapsed in some way and I am not currently a backer - I missed it; but I would be if there were to be a second kickstarter. (Unless somebody wanted to sell me a pledge for this one :?: ) So to me it is understandable, when there appears to be little or no news of what's going on for weeks at an end (even just to say for example: we're waiting on [this or that to happen] before any further milestone is achieved) and therefore understandable why people who have pledged get uppity. That, however, does not excuse trolling nor accusations of a less than honourable agenda.

I have a question, though: Have these pledges that were made already been paid, or are they held in escrow in some way, or are they paid 'after delivery' so to say ??

Anyway, at least there has clearly been progress.
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Re: Some news

Post by SevenFFF » Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:57 pm

Funds have been released to SpecNext Ltd, and have funded the creation of the moulds, board manufacture, keyboard development, testing rounds, and all ongoing services of the third-party tech partners, who were all working at normal commercial terms - cash up front, or 30 days credit, or whatever each one has.

Nobody in the manufacturing industry was ever going to work for free for 2+ years, or even the original 9 months or whatever it was supposed to be, without their costs and profit being met more or less up front.

This is the entire business rationale for crowdfunding, to avoid the need for 3/4 million investment capital injection.

Nobody in the community, and certainly not me, have seen the accounts. But we do know that the business plan intended for the money to be spent to realise the product, not to be held in escrow to provide for the possibility of refunds.
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