NEXT SD Card v.0.8c / NextOS v.1.98D / Firmware v.1.07 / Dreamworld Pogie/Next Demo!

TBBLUE SD Distribution v.0.8c:

Latest distribution is always found at

Here’s the latest SD image with everything you need to get your Next updated and running!


In the links below you will find TBBLUE v.0.8c SD card distribution containing the following changes over version 0.8b-rev.a:

System Software

  • New Firmware file 1.07 which makes SD card detection and support more in line with what NextOS does on a lower level. This Firmware file enhances support for divmmc roms and allows for distinct DivMMC and MultiFace-compatible ROM files even if support has been disabled for either or both as a whole.
  • New Core v.1.10.31 which fixes the Copper and adds support for streaming audio as per the requirements of NextOS 1.98D. CAUTION! There are known bugs in the NEXTREG command which CAN behave erratically especially in conjunction with the Copper. Please reports bugs to Victor Trucco.
  • Updated NextOS 1.98D in two versions: one with Geoff Wearmouth’s Looking Glass v. 0.4 48K ROM (Default) which now brings keyboard support in line with what NextBASIC does (and fixes several bugs) and one with the standard 48K ROM. This is a MAJOR version that changes significantly the coordinate system for Layers other than 0. Also adds support for streaming files straight from the card! Please read CAREFULLY the document listed in the c:/docs/ folder as your program may be impacted. This version also includes new commands!!!!
  • Updated Looking Glass v.04 48K ROM by Geoff Wearmouth with improved compatibility (see above) has added features and as always further optimisations!


  • New Dreamworld Pogie/Next Playable Demo by WASP Studios. This is a playable alpha version of the Kickstarter stretch goal release title. There is NO WASP-CopperAudio in this demo, due to the issues mentioned with the new core, however it DOES require core 1.10.31 as it makes heavy use of the NEXTREG command. As the game is hard, Lyndon Sharp slowed it a bit down to allow you to play it more comfortably – Short video of what to expect HERE !
  • New Orb Run full game by Matt Davies. This is a great piece of software written entirely in NextBASIC as an entry to the annual Toronto game jam (ToJam)… Go on play it, you know you want to!
  • New Spectron 2084 Teaser demo by Robin Verhagen-Guest. Although not an actual game, it shows the start screen and some faithful recreations of the original arcade!
  • Updated Nextoid! by Lampros Potamianos. This version apart from some minor bug-fixes, also introduces some new levels designed by André Luna Leão!


  • New NextBASIC demos by David Saphier. BasicFnt and BasicScrl are two excellent demos about what you can do in NextBASIC using all the new facilities
  • New “Easter Egg” by David Saphier. Won’t tell you that one, you gotta find it yourselves! 🙂


  • Updated PLAYPT3 “dot command” by Tygrys / – 2018. Now supports ts songs (You can find a small selection under c:/demos/ts-songs/) (
  • New HEXVIEW “dot command” by Dr. Slump. Taken from esxDOS v.0.8.6 distribution. (


Prepare the card as per the instructions here. Firmware file will be replaced.


USERS OF FlashAir CARDS are advised to perform ALL file copy operations locally on their PC/MAC and NOT over the air.

*******IMPORTANT NOTES**********

  • If your current firmware is older than 1.10.10 you may experience issues with your keyboard and/or display. Please follow the expanded instructions in the previous versions of the TBBLUE distributions and the Quick Start guide here to flash your core or the quick instructions on step #2 below. (Try the instructions below first and if you get stuck check the previous versions)
  • Default config.ini settings assume an HDMI monitor. If you’re using a VGA monitor you should delete your config.ini file located in c:/tbblue/ and replace it with the config.ini.VGA file (also located there) renamed to config.ini. YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO EXPERIMENT WITH DIFFERENT DISPLAY SETTINGS (Display modes 0 to 6 that is) TO ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULTS FOR YOUR DISPLAY AS THE DEFAULT CHOSEN (HDMI) ALTERS THE TIMINGS SLIGHTLY AND CERTAIN –OLDER– PROGRAMS MAY NOT DISPLAY PROPERLY (especially certain Demos). VGA modes (Settings 0…6) ARE  timing accurate although the user may experience faster execution as each setting with the exception of 0 makes things faster (but keeping timings relative)

Flashing the new core

1. For people with functioning keyboards after boot and/or membranes (but which also have PS/2 keyboards)

Let the machine boot normally, then press and hold U on your PS/2 keyboard, then tap momentarily on F1 (still holding U) and release U when you see the updater module. Press Y, wait until all flashing is completed, then power down the Next and REMOVE ALL CABLES. Wait a little and then plug everything back up again. If you have a VGA you need to replace your config.ini (see above) or edit it and set the second number after the machine type to 0. If you’re in Brazil, Japan, the USA or Canada or any country that uses normally an NTSC TV signal (or a PAL 60 signal), chances are your monitor only supports 60Hz, so go ahead and tap F3 now -or alternatively you can change the [50_60] setting to 1 from config.ini or by editing the settings at boot time with the EDITOR module (Press SPACEBAR when prompted on boot then press to edit your settings)

2. For people with Perixx PS/2 keyboards and/or keyboards with a similar controller on board AND people with membranes that are not functioning or having trouble entering the UPDATER module.
  • Enter AntiBrick (AB) mode by removing all cables (including HDMI), pressing and holding M1 and Drive (simulaneously), then reapplying power (no HDMI or VGA yet) waiting a few seconds (2-3) and releasing the keys, then reconnecting the display lead that worked for you previously. Press Y for update. If Y cannot be pressed then the press M1 button for or Drive button for N
  • Follow the instructions in Step 1 to boot the system.

Download the distribution

 TBBLUE distribution v.0.8c (zip format) (Download Here)

 TBBLUE distribution v.0.8c (7z format) (Download Here)


Article image: Dreamworld Pogie screenshot by WASP/Phoebus R. Dokos
Official WASP website

TBBLUE: Victor Trucco
Contributors: Fabio Belavenuto, Garry Lancaster, Allen Albright, Mark Smith

Dreamworld Pogie: Lyndon J Sharp/Phoebus Dokos (WASP – / Distributed under License
Orb Run: Matt Davies ( Distributed under License
Spectron 2084: Robin Verhagen-Guest / Distributed under License
Warhawk: Michael Ware, Jim Bagley, Lobo Trans / Distributed under License
Nextoid!: Lampros Potamianos  (WASP – / Distributed under License
3D Monster Maze, 3D Defender, Trashman: Malcolm Evans / Distributed under License
cave81: Marco Varesio / Distributed under License
Mouse driver: Tim Gilberts and Chris Cowley
PS/2 keymap: Phoebus Dokos  (WASP –
NextOS: Garry Lancaster (
Looking Glass: Geoff Wearmouth (
ZX80/81 Emulators: Paul Farrow (
Demos: David Saphier (, Geoff Wearmouth, Michael Ware, Jim Bagley
Utilities: Jim Bagley, Geoff Wearmouth, John M Kerr (
Dot Commands: esxDOS team and contributors, Allen Albright, Tim Gilberts, Jim Bagley, Garry Lancaster, David Saphier, Victor Trucco