Delta’s Shadow

For the ZX Spectrum 128K and ZX Spectrum Next

Christmas Day is going to be highly unusual for many of us this year. If you have a nice shiny Next though, there is some great news!

At 16:00 (UK time) on the 25th December, the launch of Delta’s Shadow will commence. The launch will premier on the “sinc LAIR” Youtube channel and as soon as the video ends, the game will be available for purchase!

Not only is there a version to please classic Spectrum lovers (assuming you have a machine with 128K RAM), the Spectrum Next version (enhanced) will be released at the same time!

Both physical copies and digital downloads will be available. So you will be able to download it and fire it up right away.

Whatever is on the TV over Christmas, it won’t be nearly as exciting as this. Head on over and wait for the show to begin!

PS There will be subtitles!