Launch of ZXDOS

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Launch of ZXDOS

Postby PiyoTaro » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:08 am

The next generation project "ZXDOS (meaning "2" in Spanish)" appears in the "ZX-Uno" project that is the basis of ZXSpectrum Next.
Last year I saw a request such as specification on the "ZX-Uno" forum,
Distribution of boards seems to have started recently, and contributors of the "ZX-Uno" forum are returning little by little, and core development is expected.
From the support forum of the board, I was able to know the specifications of the hardware and the size of the core.

The mounting scale is 99% used in the "MSX2+" core (Z80 5.37MHz turbomode, MSXDOS2, VDP-V9958, OPLL, SCC-I).
[ reference. In "1chipMSX" announced in 2006, FPGA Altera 1C12 (scale is 12,060LE. LX16 is 14,579LE) is adopted, SDRAM 32MB, SRAM 1MB loaded. Later VDP changed to V9958 with voluntary firmware. ]

In the ZX Core, "Tile Graphics" and large sprites (ZX-Evolution, F18A-VDP etc., each of which has its own standards), ULAPlus, "FM Sound" which was announced but not implemented was implemented I would like to expect that.

In the old model "ZX-Uno" (LX9 base), there was a project to realize PC/XT with SRAM extension.

By the way, how about the next generation of x86 architecture project "Sinclair PC200 Next" on the "Sinclair PC200" basis?
(In Japan, in 1987, there was a "PC-88VA" 16-bit personal computer based on V50 CPU as a game graphics extension of the 8-bit personal computer "PC-8801").

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Re: Launch of ZXDOS

Postby antoniovillena » Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:51 am

Thank you for the announce. Yes, it's launched recently. It's available for sale in my online store
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Re: Launch of ZXDOS

Postby PiyoTaro » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:12 am

Vlad's "DivGMX" which I recently found adopts the FPGA "Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE10" of scale 10000LE, but added "TurboSound" "GeneralSound 512K" and various sound boards to "TS-Conf Basic config" Hardware is installed.
However, rather than discussing the size of the FPGA, is it realized with flash memory and DRAM?

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