The C64 - Is less more?

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Re: The C64 - Is less more?

Postby Eratosthenes » Sat Apr 18, 2020 3:21 pm

The C64 is the first and only C64 I have. 35 years - 40 years ago several colleagues of mine had a C64 and I sometimes was playing around with it.

To be honest: To me The C64 feels like the Commodore 64 in 1983.

Because of that I think providing emulated stuff like The C64 is (nearly-) as good as providing the ZX Spectrum Next.

Of course the Next is more accurate, much more like the original, has much more possibilities as the device provided in 82, ... BUT: Who cares? - For me this is a schizophrenic question.

On the one hand I love what the team has done and what they have provided. It's the follow up. The next generation of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

But on the other hand "the folks" who are interested in the retro stuff don't mind about all these details.

Looking at this, The C64 is a really good compromize. It's not too much effort, to get the software running and the device as is, having the keyboard and all this touch and feel, may/will do the job.

=> To me: The Sinclair guys are the lucky ones as they have a real new retro device. But the C64 people may have the same fun fiddling around with their emulator device.

(The same as I have using The C64 today... To me the "unexpanded" The C64, being able to load all the stuff from the SD card is a really good expeprience.)

So what do you think?

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