There is just NEXT, isn't it?

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There is just NEXT, isn't it?

Postby Eratosthenes » Sun Aug 23, 2020 8:15 pm

Moin, moin!

Being a collector to me the Spectrum Next is nice but it's just one more retro project. Being part of it from the very beginning I like it, but to me real retro hardware is more important.

What do you think about classic Spectrums (like my last project, a 48k+ seen below) that have been refurbished/restored to be as new?
The device is nearly unused.
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To me my unused Toastrack and the brandnew 48k I received from Jürgen Schumpich are the most collectable things and much more retro as the Next is...

THNX 4 info.

MfL der Eratosthenes

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