ZX Spectrum: Which one is top of the line?

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ZX Spectrum: Which one is top of the line?

Postby Eratosthenes » Sat Jan 16, 2021 10:35 pm

Moin, moin! (== Hi!)

Being one of the lucky ones owning an unused 48k, an unused Toastrack and having not yet used my Next (1st Kickstarter), I'm not sure, which one is the best ZX Spectrum.

See my hirachy below:

(For hires pic klick here.)

Yes! Even though I haven't owned a +3 "at the time" in the 1980th, I think the +3 is the best Sinclair ZX Spectrum ever made.

To be honest: I like it most and the +3 is the only one I'm fiddling around with in 2021 reminds me to "home computing".

What do you think?

THNX 4 info...

MfL der Eratosthenes

P.S.: Of course I love the Next...
NextPlusKeyboard.jpg (165.35 KiB) Viewed 2164 times
100% of the time I'm using "Just The Board" (see the photo) being added to a 48k case, combined with a Cherry Keyboard.
Technically the Next is "off the scale". But - to be honest - the +3 looks more like my favourite home computer... :D

P^2.S.: Maybe 2021 is a year of restauration to me
(Hires: https://i.ibb.co/f1X7Yn9/20210117-004026-1.jpg )
The Enterprise really is a nice computer. Of course mine is unused... :mrgreen:

Sadly the original membrane was gone and some keys diddn't work anymore. I had to replace it.

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