Off- or on topic? - THNX to the developers!

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Off- or on topic? - THNX to the developers!

Post by Eratosthenes » Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:10 pm

Hi@everybody from the Next Team,

not sure where to add this thread.

Today I received "Just The Board" and I was able to run it.

To be honest: Even with all possible bugs the board or the software may have it fullfills 100% of my requirements!

50%: Manic Miner shall run
50%: Atic Atac shall run

You met both goals... :D

So I really thank you for the campaign and for the ZX Spectrum Next becoming reality.

(Of course there are some "issues" I have to fix. Such as that the additional memory should be addressed.)
As far as I have recognized this already has happened. I'll update my system during the holidays and I'm really looking forward what is going on.

Let's say it this way: You've done a great job so far!!!

So: PLEASE make this incredibly beautiful case to come true!

1000(+1) Dank!
der Eratosthenes

P.S.: This is how it looks so far (the case (a 48k lookalike) isn't available until now... :( )

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