Persistence of Layer2 after reset

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Re: Persistence of Layer2 after reset

Postby Ped7g » Fri Apr 17, 2020 12:12 pm

When somebody runs your program after "soft reset" of machine and they run into some problem, you should report it as bug (either of soft-reset mechanism itself, although that is designed to preserve certain *few* things intentionally, or NextBASIC init which should deal with those few details requiring explicit init).

When somebody runs your program after some other program, then you can add a bit more REG/OUT commands in your code to reconfigure most of the machine state yourself, but this may eventually backfire, because you could set up only features you are aware of at the moment of writing the code (newer cores could have new feature you do not set up), and you can modify the machine in a way against what the user intended (maybe they intentionally did want to put extra layer over your program and that's why they didn't launch it right after reset but tampered with the machine ahead of loading your SW).

So I find the politic of "does it work after reset? If yes -> it works, QED" perfectly valid for your own SW. I wouldn't waste too much time about use cases with different initial state (only if they really make sense as intended use cases).

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