VSCode + sjASMplus + CSpect

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VSCode + sjASMplus + CSpect

Postby TheSwedishLord » Fri Aug 21, 2020 4:32 am

Since I mostly use Visual Studio 2019 and IntelliJ IDEA in my everyday work I'm not really at home with VSCode so I hope someone here can kick me in the right direction.
I know it's not really as back in the days, hacking asm in a crappy environment but...

Anyway, I would like to do the following tasks in VSCode when building my file.

sjASMplus compiles the code to a nex file according to tutorial at specnext.com and after that I would like hdfmonkey to put that compiled file to the SDCARD img and fire up CSpect. I can fire up the r.bat but I would like to have it more general so I can get the opened file to compile and sent to CSpect. Should I send parameters from VSCode to batch file or is it a better way to do this?

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