Hex Game Grid [intermediate challenge]

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Hex Game Grid [intermediate challenge]

Post by Brayn-3 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:40 pm

Many games use hexagonal grids in contrast to the square grid. In this challenge we want to be able to paint the fields of a hex grid in any of the eight colours.

- A subroutine fills one hexagonal field at (x,y) with a given colour c.
- Paint the hexagons in the given sequence (see picture 1) by calling the subroutine.
- The program has to end with GOTO 1E4 (go to line 10000).
- Use the coordinate system from the 2nd picture.
- All hexagons have the same height and width.
- The hexagons may be streched to fit in the square grid.
- EDIT: To make it easier, only the top 22 rows (or 176 px) have to be used
- The person with the shortest source code wins (see link below).
- The challenge ends Sunday, midnight.

Have fun! :-)
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