Memory test via Next Basic - Help needed

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Memory test via Next Basic - Help needed

Post by Eratosthenes » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:37 pm

Hi everybody,

I've been asked to write a memory testing tool for the Next (Hi!@schombi... :D ).

Now I've got several ideas to be evaluated by people knowing about ZX Spectrum Next Basic's new features.

My idea how the algorithm should work:
- clear all free memory banks
- check (randomly) if the memory cells are zero
- copy the ROM (Bank 0) to all free RAM banks
- compare the whole bank being copied with the ROM
- additional option: check (randomly) if a string taken from any bank has the same content as the ROM

I'd like to use the commands LOAD/SAVE/VERIFY..BANK.. and maybe POKE/PEEK to do this.

At the moment the result looks somehow like this:
Any suggestions if this should work?

THNX 4 info...
der Eratosthenes

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