z88dk Release 2.0

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z88dk Release 2.0

Postby feilipu » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:22 pm

Another year has passed, so it must be time for a new z88dk release! And this is the big 2.0
z88dk Release 2.0

This z88dk 2.0 release is a stable release and is the culmination of thousands of commits (and many hours of work) during this year.

The newly released SDCC 4.0.0 (r11556) has been incorporated, and is one of the two compilers available.

For the Spectrum Next community the support for z80n architecture with all of the additional instructions has been available for some time. But this release provides a stable anchor, from which you can work with confidence.

This release of z88dk also sees support for two new processors:
  • gbz80: zsdcc, sccz80 and classic now support gbz80 machines
  • 8080/5: sccz80 and classic now support 8080/5 machines
Support for the following machine targets has been added:
  • Nintendo Gameboy
  • Tesla PMD85 (8080)
  • CP/M based: Excalibur 64, Sony SMC-70/SMC-777, Sharp X1
  • Hübler/Evert-MC, Hübler Grafik-MC, Kramer MC
  • Nichibutsu My Vision, Hanimex Pencil II
  • Toshiba Pasopia7, Bandai Supervision SV8000, Videoton TVC
  • RomWBW based machines including Retrobrew and RC2014
  • SCZ180 family machines SC126, SC130, and SC131
We've also improved floating point support with direct support for the z80n mlt de instruction to provide a (mostly) IEEE-754 compliant math library. Both integrated integer math and floating point math library now use this instruction to improve the performance over the standard z80 architecture assembly floating point library by 4x and 5x. And this from a starting point that is already better than C coded floating point libraries available elsewhere.

Some benchmarking is available here.

Of course, there's also many other fixes and new features across both compilers and both libraries.
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