Interface 1 or external DivMMC

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Interface 1 or external DivMMC

Postby mitja_i » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:53 pm

By Tim Gilberts on FB:
To use these type of devices it is necessary to disable the onboard SD card interface and the onboard DivMMC system as they use the same ports. These devices also rely on an original 48K/128K ROM so from a 48K or 128K machine identity:
OUT 9275,135: OUT 9531,246
OUT 9275,128: OUT 9531,8
soft reset
Again it is best to use the Next RESET button not the one on the DivMMCdevice. You can however, use either the NMI on the device or the DRIVE (green) button on the Next - they are the same.

I would strongly recommend though that you ensure the felts are replaced - the use of carts that have not been will usually wreck the cartridge and may dirty the drive mechanism. When you look at the cart - gently hold it level and poke the felt with the end of a pencil - it will fall apart usually.
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