What classic files can I load on my Next?

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What classic files can I load on my Next?

Postby mitja_i » Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:38 pm

The Next supports TAPs (preferred), SNAs, DSKs, Z80s which can be loaded from the browser menu by selecting them with the cursor keys and ENTER (or a joystick and Fire) -OR- by using the SPECTRUM command. (See Chapter 20 in the manual for details). Place the files on your SD card and pick from the Browser. If you are using an external tape player then you require a cable from player to the EAR/MIC socket of your Next. A Tape Tester is provided from the main menu of NextZXOS – Select More and Tape Tester. When you are ready to load a real tape choose the Tape Loader and press PLAY on your player. The cable follows the +3 standard and MUST be monophonic from the TAPE deck side. Do not try a straight mono cable as used in the Spectrum 128 and earlier as it will not work.
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