What are the audio capabilities of the Next?

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What are the audio capabilities of the Next?

Post by MikeCad » Mon May 29, 2017 3:57 pm

TurboSound Next with stereo output

3 x AY-3-8912

A three voice programmable sound generator (PSG) which formed part of the original ZX Spectrum 128K+ and its successors. The Next contains three of these PSG's to provide nine total voices.

1 x Sound Interface Device (SID)

A three voice synthesiser with four wave forms, three amplitude modulator and three envelope oscillators, best known for its implementation in the Commodore 64.

Just for good measure there is also Covox and Specdrum support.

The TurboSound Next is a brand new interface for the Next. Audio output is provided through the HDMI port or you can even use external speakers and amplifiers with the stereo jack output
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