Can I use a specific USB device on the Next?

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Can I use a specific USB device on the Next?

Post by MikeCad » Tue May 30, 2017 10:24 am

The Next on its own has no USB support however USB functionality is provided by the RPi0 accelerator if you have one fitted. This is designed primarily around input devices such as keyboards, mice and game controllers/joysticks etc. Other devices such as printers would require drivers to be written and typically different printers can require different drivers. This increases the complexity and size of the bare metal TK-PIE operating system that runs on the Pi.

This USB functionality is not yet complete however a number of devices have been tested and demonstrated to work. In all cases there are a large quantity and variety of devices and it is not possible to test them all. A USB hub can be used to expand the number of USB ports.
  • Generic USB gamepads should work fine.
  • A number of PS2 style USB controllers have also been tested and shown to work.
  • All USB keyboards and mice tested so far work.
  • XBOX 360 wired controllers do not yet work however this will be looked at.
* Note that it is unlikely that a USB keyboard connected to the Pi0 will grant the same level of functionality as a PS2 keyboard directly connected to the Next. This is with regards to accessing menus and such pre Spectrum boot etc. It might be possible to enable this however.
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