What are the video output capabilities of the Next?

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What are the video output capabilities of the Next?

Post by MikeCad » Mon May 29, 2017 4:01 pm

The Next has HDMI output and the VGA port supports both RGB 15Khz and VGA 31Khz signals.

The RGB and VGA are switchable on the HD15 (vga-like) connector. You can use a regular VGA monitor or even a HD15 to Scart cable. HDMI has full video and audio support without any type of conversion or hacks. The ZX ULA outputs the pixels directly to the port combined with the sound from the TurboSound Next and makes for a beautiful video output with perfect timing. Note that the two video outputs can be used at the same time e.g. you can plug a RGB or VGA display into the VGA port and a TV into the HDMI port simultaneously.
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