How do I load software onto the Next?

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How do I load software onto the Next?

Post by MikeCad » Wed May 31, 2017 9:03 am

The default choice for most people, (except for the die hard retro fan) will be via the built in SD card interface.

The Next contains a DIVMMC implementation and has the following features.

ESXDOS provides full read and write support for SD cards on the Next, additional commands relating to interacting with the DIVMMC interface and of course the ability to load software and save snapshots.

For more information on ESXDOS see ESXDOS Homepage

Spectrum +3e ROM is an enhanced version of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 ROM. The enhancements consist of an updated operating system that adds additional functionality including the ability to read and write flash storage.

For information on the Spectrum +3e ROM see Spectrum +3e page

The Next also has an Ear/Mic port. Loading and saving can be done using the old fashioned tape method, or if you're not that retro or do not have a functioning cassette player, many people have used WAV files played from modern devices such as iPods (other audio playing devices are available), phones etc.

For information on supported formats see Supported formats FAQ
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