Hi from me!

Don't be shy, come introduce yourself with the rest of the community
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Hi from me!

Post by Scarlet_Fever_MGF » Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:03 am

Just being polite & saying hello to the community.

First Speccy was a '+', then later on a '+3' with a Multiface 3 - lots of spare space on the +3 discs, used to buy 1 game in every 3 on disc & then use the Multiface to save a couple of my tape based games on the disc too - seemed to make sense to me at the time & meant i didn't have to wait to load a lot of my cassette games.

Both of these machines have been lost in the mists of time sadly...

Currently have a '+2', but these days tend to use an emulator on my PC, phone and (when not driving!) on the Android head unit in the dash of my car.

Don't know how i completely missed the 'Next' Kickstarter - in fact, only stumbled across the machine on Friday, have spent a lot of the weekend reading up on it & getting excited, only to find I've missed the boat. Although disappointing, i'm nothing if not an optimist - so here i am, with my name on the list of hopefuls :D
Andy P

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Re: Hi from me!

Post by mitja_i » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:37 am

Hello and welcome!
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