Hello from UK

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Hello from UK

Postby BHandscomb » Mon May 04, 2020 7:36 pm

Somewhere between London and Brighton, got my Accelerated Next a couple of weeks or so ago.

I supported the Kickstarter because I believed the project was worthwhile and decided if I went with it might as well go for the full Accelerated model, though to be honest I didn't know what I'd REALLY do with it when I got it.

My background, first computer used was a Sinclair ZX81 one of my uncles bought, and in two visits basically read the manual from beginning to end. He gave me a BASF tape to use to save programs to. Later on got one myself (Christmas present) then the next year he got a ZX Spectrum 48K and a while after that I got one too (another Christmas present). Later on get got a ZX Spectrum 128 which I eventually "inherited" which he switched to PC (he briefly had a QL too) and when that broke down I had a grey +2.

I got an Amiga 500 in December 1989 but kept using the ZX Spectrum too for a fair few months. Switched to PC I think in 1994/5, then "mostly" switched to Mac probably around 2004/5 though kept a Windows machine for certain things. Last year I switched to using Linux as my everyday system on a Dell laptop.

Over time almost everything I did on ZX Spectrum has been lost, but using "Zeus-ish" on PC I did re-create a Z80 scroll-text routine using 56 pixel high characters (basically a 7x6 grid of "blocks" of different designs). Gone completely was a three-channel beeper based audio routine based on some code (more the idea) for Amstrad's early 8 MHz PCs, which did almost work for four-channels but the "mixer" routine frequency dropped down to audible frequency which was a bit nasty...

Not sure what I plan to do with my ZX Spectrum Next but am having fun exploring the hardware and having ideas maybe to create something using the HiRes mode and Z80(N) coding... Whether my very rusty Z80 skills are up to my ambition I do not know... yet... I know it'll be fun...

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Re: Hello from UK

Postby mitja_i » Mon May 04, 2020 9:17 pm

Hello and welcome to the forum!
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