Stuart from England

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Stuart from England

Postby blakstar » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:56 am


I'm in my late 40's and come from Kent.

I spent ages playing games on my Spectrum, and trying to learn how to program, years ago, although the programming side on the Spectrum didn't really go very far, given that I never had access to many programming resources at the time.

Later, I moved on to the Amiga, and then PC, where I quickly jumped into using Linux as my main OS after having discovered that I really enjoyed using UNIX at university. It was about the same time that I stumbled across the emulation scene, and was happy to find out that Spectrum emulators were available, having never forgotten my first computer, and started playing a lot of the old games again.

Years later, I was trawling through the web and came across the Spectrum Next, which I'd never heard of, and was disappointed to discover that it was no longer available, since I'd missed the first Kickstarter. Naturally, I signed up to be informed when a second one took place, and now I'm happily waiting, having pledged for an accelerated Next.

EDIT: Just a quick update to add that the anticipation of receiving my Next next (no, I'm not stuttering :) ) year has really rekindled my enthusiasm for the Speccy, and now I've got the resources available at my fingertips, I've got stuck into learning Z80 assembly language, thanks to some of the excellent tutorials available, as well as learning more about the Spectrum than I really understood decades ago!

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