New future Next owner from Madrid, Spain

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New future Next owner from Madrid, Spain

Postby javimm » Mon Nov 09, 2020 12:35 pm


After totally missing the Spectrum Next project (I haven't been following Spectrum news in the last few years), I got to now that this wonderful machine existed but unfortunately the kickstarter 2 campaign was already finished. After seeing that some Nexts could appear in the store, I subscribed to the news and I was notified yesterday. I inmediately bought the accelerated version!. I'm glad I'm part of the community now.

I still have the original ZX Spectrum 48K with the rubber keys that my father bought in the 80s. Being a kid back then, I only used it for gaming and some Basic programming, never really got into machine code. When I started to learn machine code in the mid 90s, the spectrum was out of fashion then. It was in that time when I discovered that the Spectrum could be emulated on PC!. My father managed to get a very primitive DOS emulator back in '93-'94 (no internet then). The documentation talked about creating a cable for connecting a cassette to the parallel port of the PC that allowed the emulator to listen to it and load games. That was a blast. I remember spending a lot of hours with a friend trying to transfer the games. A lot of them failed as the emulator didn't support fast loaders, so many original copies I had couldn't load. But playing Head Over Heels again but on PC (I think the spanish cassette version was not protected) was one of the most awesome experiences I've had!. Then came the internet. I discovered that there were many Spectrum fans. I purchased a WoS content CD from the late 90s that included all the content at that time. I finally got to play all my loved games again. Good times.

I hope to enjoy the Next in the same way I enjoyed my original Spectrum back then.


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