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Hello from Yorkshire

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 9:04 pm
by rubikwizard

I got my Spectrum 48K Christmas 1982, and have loved them ever since. I still have one, along with my Commodore 64 and Amigas and various FPGA recreations of them.

I recently came across the Next and just had to order one, so I am now looking forward to Summer 2021, using the time to brush up my Z80 skills, as I have used many of the intervening years writing 6502 code.

I am excited by all the new features particularly the hardware sprites and colours, and hope (time permitting) to write a game. Many years ago I managed to get one of my games published ( ... FID%3D1515) but have not developed much since.

Re: Hello from Yorkshire

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 8:56 am
by DanyPPC
You are welcome rubikwizard, I think ZX Next it's an extraordinary machine.

The best FPGA recreation with powerful features. I'm a very happy owner and you will be too !