Neil O'Rourke

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Neil O'Rourke

Postby neilorourke » Mon May 29, 2017 6:19 pm

Long time ZX user. Had an '81 back in 1983 as my first computer & designed a sound module for it, and things progressed from there. Nowadays, a Senior Technical Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics AX (a Tier-2 ERP system), with a long, varied career as a programmer & electronics - and all thanks to the ZX-81. Was an alright Z-80 programmer; did much more with the 680x0 in the Amiga range, and loathe 80x06 assembler (but I can do it if absolutely necessary).

Missed out on the Spectrum as I moved to the Amiga, Mac and then PC, but always had a soft spot for the ZX range. I've absolutely no idea what I'm hoping to do with the Next, but it should be fun.

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Lady Eklipse
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Re: Neil O'Rourke

Postby Lady Eklipse » Mon May 29, 2017 6:27 pm

Hi, Neil!
I can certainly relate to your feelings about ZX-81. I feel the same about my Speccy - if not for it, maybe I wouldn't be able to afford backing ZX Spectrum Next altogether, because who knows what I would be doing instead of programming? :)
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