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from Japan

Post by PiyoTaro » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:21 pm

Written in Japanese:
 私は「ZX Spectrum Next」を5月23日のPC Watchの記事で知り、翌日KickStarterのプロジェクトを見た時は既にPledgeボタンが消えていました。
 Googleで「ZXSpectrum」を検索すると、週刊アスキーの記事で“Elite Systemsがクラウドファンディングを募集している”という記事があり、「Spectrum Next」にたどり着けなかったのです。


**add Aug 7,2017 **
I was interested in old game software by participating in discussion of this forum, I bought Spectrum Plus in auction with cassette recorder and printer.
Moreover, recently I found ROLAND SoundCanvas 88PRO with a 37key-keyboard in a recycle shop and purchased it. On my Windows 10, unfortunately software installers such as Cakewalk did not work.
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Re: from Japan

Post by sabreman » Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:05 pm



日本の人々が古い英国のコンピュータに興味を持っているのはかなり驚きです。"ZX Next"は非常に良いサウンド機能を持っていることを理解しています。私はあなたの音楽を聞くのを楽しみにしています。

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Re: from Japan

Post by JoeZX » Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:40 pm

piyotaro /google translator/: "I knew "ZX Spectrum Next" on PC Watch's article on May 23, and when I saw KickStarter's project the next day the Pledge button had disappeared. When searching for "ZXSpectrum" on Google, there was an article saying "Elite Systems is recruiting cloud funding" in Weekly ASCII article, and I could not get to "Spectrum Next". Now I'm enjoying the atmosphere of Spectrum with "ZEsarUX".

Is it now that I make music with tracker rather than MML base? Although I've bit caught MIDI, of course, Chiptune does not study arpeggio sounds and I have not studied, so it seems to be a departure from the beginning."

sabreman /google translator/: "Hello. And welcome. It is Chris. I have lived in Japan for 6 years. It is quite amazing that people in Japan are interested in older British computers. I understand that "ZX Next" has a very good sound function. I am looking forward to hearing your music."

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latest firmware 2.00.26 came on my 2A board

Post by PiyoTaro » Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:51 pm

I installed the latest firmware "2.00.26" on my "ZX Spectrum Next 2A board".
Firmware downloaded Phobos Dokos 's "tbblue" repository in GitLab in Zip format and unpacked it into SDHC card.

Updating of the firmware took 1 minute 46 seconds. (Start up the system first, then press "F1 =reset button" while holding "U" on the PS2 keyboard, the updater screen will start.)
20190129_tbblue.png (129.14 KiB) Viewed 707 times
2019/1/30 : Additional
-I could not make it in time for the deadline of the Kickstarter and immediately purchased the "2A board" at this site's "Shop". It was preserved as "1.00.00" until the end of 2018 when an additional update was announced.
Because I have a board, I am going to participate in the discussion on "implementation".

-I found an update work video on YouTube.
by NML32
ZX Spectrum Next: Updating Firmware (TBBLUE V.1.03 – CORE 2.00.26, FIRMWARE 1.10C, NEXTZXOS 2.00B!)
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Re: from Japan

Post by Timbucus » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:18 pm

Great news glad it works. Did you get all the rest of the distribution as well so that you have the latest FW 1.10c and NextZXOS2.00B ?
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