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Will Stephenson

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I'm a recent convert to the Spectrum. Back in the day we had PETs, a VIC-20, various pre-IBM PCs, a couple of MSXs, even a loaner Apple Lisa and then I was an Amiga teenager up to my neck in ray tracing, primitive 3D and isometric games, and playing Elite. When a Windows PC became an inevitability I recoiled in horror and put Linux on it after a couple of months. That became my career, first fighting the good fight for the Linux Desktop at SUSE, then on the community management team, now on the backend.

Although I'd dabbled with various MSX emulators, I got into developing retro games after starting a family and wanting a change from having the same hobby as my job. I discovered Pico-8 a couple of years ago and started coding little games for my kids that didn't require lightning reflexes or bombard them with microtransactions. Then for some reason this spring I found myself doing a total conversion of Spectrum Jet Set Willy to a game set in the Elite Dangerous galaxy, heard about the Next and was right in there. I'm looking forward to using my experience to help the community around the Next become a vital, empowered set of people helping each other develop great software.

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