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Laxer3A - Romain Piquois

Postby Laxer3A » Mon May 29, 2017 7:53 pm

Hi !

My nickname is Laxer3A, but my name in real life is Romain Piquois. French, 42 YO.

My 1st computer was a ZX Spectrum and it got me into the realm of programming when I was 9 YO. Since then, like Alice falling slowly down the rabbit hole, I am still doing programming for a living... But my ZX Basic is just completely rusted, I am not even sure if I could load a tape today ;-)

I did some demo on Atari ST, but I believe my production never went far a few copies of the disks. But I am still interested in the demo scene.
I am also very interested in hardware, did some VHDL programming on FPGA and even started to emulate the graphic chipset of the Snes (super nintendo) (but did probably like 60 or 70% of it, and not nearly complete to replace the original chip). Did also a few bit and piece with Snes emulation on PSP.
(my current pet project is involving FPGA also...)

I work for a game company for a living, doing game engine development, so I am a bit OK with C and C++. :-)
I am into computer architecture, performance tuning, algorithm and computer graphics.

To come back on the next subject, I have ordered a Next but also the next board that I will put inside an original ZX Spectrum case.
I know a bit of assembly of various processors, but actually never did any Z80 programming at all.
I hope I will do a few things on Next, but for now, I am busy with 3 other projects already... I won't probably find a lot of time to code on my Next until next year near March I think.

I really hope we can have the community gather efficiently to make many useful things the Next. :)
(I plan to open a topic on this subject)

Romain - Laxer3A

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