Hello from Leicester, UK

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Hello from Leicester, UK

Postby Daeve » Mon May 29, 2017 8:09 pm

David Boocock (Daeve) - Hi all, glad to finally get on the forum with you all!
I'm a 42 year old cancer researcher and probably not touched a Spectrum in the best part of 25 years (dabbled on emulators along the way a tiny bit for the odd nostalgic game of manic miner), maybe powered on my old ZX81 to avoid my parents throwing it out when I went to Uni. I was given a zx81 (with RAM pack!) in late 1982 after my cousin moved (up?!) to a BBC which piqued my interest. Managed to pester my parents enough to get a ZX Spectrum like next-door had, but that took so long I ended up with the +. Wrote, or rather transcribed a few long BASIC adventure games from books which I modified but never moved much further from that at the time - so Z80 assembly this time round will be fun.
Board incoming in August hopefully, and a couple of Next accelerated inbound early next year. One for me and one for teaching real computing to my daughters, neither of which will yet be out of nursery when they arrive, unless the project is horribly delayed!).
Favourite game, and first game played on a speccy - Manic Miner. Second favourites - Sabre Wulf and Airwolf. Longest enjoyed though was Elite, mostly on my friends +2 played tag-team like.
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