Hello from Yorkshire.

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Hello from Yorkshire.

Postby dazzy1975 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:28 am

Just wanted to say hello, I've been following the forum for quite a while and really can't wait until I get the Next.
Was thinking the other day, I remember when I got my first spectrum, the first game I ever loaded (Lunar Jetman), I even remember the smell of the computer as I took it out the box, ahh, great times.

Just checked my backer number 2,009, I'm really interested in the music possibilities of the next, especially with the included Sid chip too, think it could make for some great tunes.
Always been into music on the computers, but the game that really got me into computer music was Glider Rider for the speccy 128, what about you guys? What's your favourite tune?

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Re: Hello from Yorkshire.

Postby mitja_i » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:07 pm

Hi, dazzy1975!

Sorry, but SID chip is not included in the Next. But it's open sourced and I guess since there is so much desire for it, I'm sure somebody will make a core with the SID included soon.

My first games were Horace goes skiing and Jumping Jack. Hadn't got 128 so I had my beeper only. And was amazed at Treasure Island Dizzy, which has an amazing tune.
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Richard Hallas
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Re: Hello from Yorkshire.

Postby Richard Hallas » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:49 pm

The 128K Glider Rider music was indeed great – best thing about that game, in fact. On the 48K beeper, obviously the best musical achievement ever was the title-screen music for Agent X; that's pretty much undisputed. But actually, I also really liked the music in that little-remembered classic, Zombie Zombie. (It was a follow-up to Ant Attack 3D by Sandy White, and I think most people found it quite disappointing, especially after Ant Attack had been so spectacularly good. But actually, Zombie Zombie was pretty good too (though admittedly not as good as Ant Attack); you just needed more time to get into it. Anyway, it had an interesting multi-channel version of 'Ten green bottles' and other nice music in it, which I can hear clearly in my head right now.)

One other game that particularly sticks in my mind is Neverending Story, which came bundled with my Spectrum 128. It was a regular text adventure, except that – most unusually – it had background music playing all the time. It was a pretty good and lengthy AY-rendition of the Neverending Story movie theme.

Where in Yorkshire, by the way? I'm in Huddersfield.

Richard Hallas
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