Hi (also) from Yorkshire

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Hi (also) from Yorkshire

Postby SpeccyGaz » Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:49 pm

Hi All,

I thought I’d join up as I’d like to know a bit more about the ZX Spectrum Next. So… here I am!
I think what you are all doing here is great, the project itself is amazing and obviously has some keen enthusiasts.

I have very very fond childhood memories of the ZX Spectrum. My first experience was on a friends Spectrum 16k, 3D Monster Maze. And from there I was hooked.

The following Christmas Santa delivered the Spectrum 48k and I took every paper round going to fund my new addiction. Eventually after some great years I moved onto the C64, Amiga, PC and then onto the Consoles.

Here’s a few of my memories at random:

• Having a list of my games in a book available to “swap” in the school playground
• Jet Set Willy Codesheet
• BattleCars - Editing the code to so I took no damage and had loads of fuel
• Horizons
• Calling up my Dad’s friend and playing Currah speech down the phone when he answered
• ZX Spectrum Six Pack
• Changing the loading screens on games with an art package before swapping them
• Trashman
• Elite and its hit and miss lenslok
• Skool Daze/Back to Skool
• Getting poor quality game recordings to load that should not load by becoming a “Master of the Azimuth”. An ability I am still proud of. I could even tweak “on the fly” to get games to load over parts of the loading cycle where it would constantly fail. Sadly…. an un-transferable skill.
• System 1500 (hacking in safety!)
• Quill
• Hampstead
• Alien - Sooooo scary
• Sherlock
• Getting “Peter Pan” for Christmas and spending the whole day frustrated/close to tears at not being able to get out of the first location. “Sew Shadow” was the golden phrase I needed.

At this time of year, I get quite nostalgic. Last Xmas I read “Britsoft an Oral History” and watched Bedroom to Billionaires (both highly recommended).

This year I got the Crash 2018 Annual and read a little about the Spectrum Next. I don’t have one myself but I’m very interested, and will post up some questions in Programmers Corner.

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