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Another from Wiltshire UK

Postby Tyke » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:12 pm

Howdy all

So it started for me with my best mate's big brother having spectrums from as early as I can remember, I used to go around and play on the their Z80 and be blown away by the fact they had a computer in the house. They then had the 48k which was soooo good for games and eventually my mate got his own 48K+ which meant we didn't have to annoy his brother any more.
My other mate had a C64 :twisted: and convinced me to ask for one Christmas 1986, so the story went my parents went to our local Dixons and tried to purchase a C64 , but they were talked around to getting the 128K + 2 pack that the salesman assured them was better value :lol: I was a little gutted that xmas morning but it steered me on a path to defending and loving everything spectrum ever since, including the C5 which I owned at one point :lol:

Career wise that +2 lead my on a path to work with computers and have small brushes with the games industry. These days I head up a VR team made up of game devs and 3D artists creating all sorts of immersive content and experiences.

For the NEXT I have just acquired the latest 2A PCB as an early 40th birthday pressie, I'm looking forward to working on some games for it :D


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