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Post by varmfskii » Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:34 pm

I have created a set of tools to aid in cross developing for the ZX Spectrum Next currently called zxntools.

Currently the tools do three things:
  1. generate sprite and tile data from an image
  2. Convert images to raw ZX Spectrum Next formats for use as loading screens
  3. Contain an extended version of NexCreator (.NEX format is unchanged)
The tools are:
  • getpalette
  • imagetoasm
  • hicoltoppm
  • hirestopbm
  • layer2toppm
  • lorestoppm
  • nexcreator
  • paltoasm
  • pbmtohires
  • ppmtohicol
  • ppmtolayer2
  • ppmtolores
  • ppmtoula
  • ulatoppm
  • libzxntools library
In addition the site contains some documentation on the .NEX format and the template files used by .NEX.

The zxntools can be found at: zxnext_tools. Binaries are included for Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi (perfect for running on a Pi 0 accelerator), Linux x86-64 using libnetpbm v10, and Linux x86-64 using libnetpbm v11.

Any questions and comments including bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

Please note that the extended NexCreator is based on the work of others (as indicated in the documentation on the site).
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