How friggin good is this demo?

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How friggin good is this demo?

Post by ZX Soniq » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:07 am

Seriously, how friggin good is this demo?


Just a tiny and humble intro from the creator and then wonderful optimistic "A New Dawn" text appears.
Absolutely stunning visuals. Really amazing stuff, but check out the music... First track should really be the soundtrack of this new Speccy Next. It's just... Perfect. Bright, bubbly, super-colourful glimmering AY. Instantly recognizable sound of the Speccy. Totally unique. So bright and colourful. No way you could confuse it for a SID. I love it.

And the second tune? Arghhhhhh.... It's even better than the first. Remember when those fruity sweets were called "Opal Fruits"? Remember their slogan?
"made to make your mouth water"
Second tune is like eating a green and a yellow Opal Fruit at the same time. Salivating just thinking about it.
My favorite part is when the colour drops on the first photo. That arpeggio!! It's like being touched-up by an angel. Sends shivers down yer spine. Sound-waves forming into an ethereal hand and beckoning you in. And then... WHOAAAA great thought inspiring message, hits you right in the eyes - "Perhaps some day we'll dream in Ultraviolet".
Cool. Now all the previous text makes sense. But who cares? No time to dwell in the past, because there's MORE impossibly colourful images and even more bubbly AY. So much audio content that you'll barely even notice that warm friendly throbbing bass that's driving all those bubbly audio-pixels home.
This is brilliant.
Take a moment to appreciate the sound quality too, tone is perfect. Totally captured that resonant and slightly jagged crispy edge that the AY gives. Almost like vinyl compared to tape. Really nice, not at all ear-bleeding. Just perfect.

God-damn, this is really awesome. Inspires awe. Straight-up, I am awestruck.

So much talent.

Yea man, good shit. REALLY good shit.

More of this pls gentlemen :mrgreen:

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