DeZog v2.2.3

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DeZog v2.2.3

Postby Maziac » Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:26 pm


I completely forgot to announce it here, so now: A new version of DeZog is available.

Last version I announced here was 1.4. Since then a lot happened. Here are the main goodies:

- Support of banking (long addresses) for sources and breakpoints
- speed improvements for zsim (the internal simulator)
- custom HW simulation for zsim
- Improvements to STRUCTs for the watch window
- Help included

What is DeZog?
The goal of this project is to achieve a development environment for Z80 assembler programs much the same as developers are nowadays used to for other programming languages. An experience similar to what you would expect from Eclipse, Visual Studio or XCode.You can use DeZog from within vscode (Visual Studio Code) and DeZog connects to the ZEsarUX or CSpect emulator.
You can step through your Z80 assembly sources directly not just the disassembled or hex code.
With DeZog you can watch and manipulate the Z80 registers and memory. Of course, you can use breakpoints.
It also supports the view/debugging of ZX Next Sprites attributes and patterns.

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