NextZXOS on the ZX DOS

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NextZXOS on the ZX DOS

Postby mitja_i » Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:24 pm

From the FB by @Phoebus: ... 338199052/
The ZX Spectrum Next from the get-go was always an open source project where it mattered most! The core (released as GPL) and its schematics (in the distro). We want this project to succeed on every level possible and this also means acceptance by the larger Sinclair community. There's is, therefore, no greater satisfaction for the team than seeing the Next core being ported to different platforms. Starting with the new distribution (System/Next 1.3 due out in the next couple of days), the ZX DOS port will be supported, displaying their own logo (which Antonio Villena was kind enough to let me incorporate in the firmware). Not all Next options are supported obviously (like there's no HDMI output or PI or RTC yet or a full expansion bus), but this opens up the platform to more developers to enjoy the goodies Allen Albright, Garry Lancaster and the rest of the team have provided via NextZXOS, the dot Commands and the core.
The author of the port is Antonio Silva
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