New ROM Incorporating AGD

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New ROM Incorporating AGD

Postby Jonathan » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:09 pm

Hi folks,

I've spent the last few days writing a completely new ZX Spectrum ROM from scratch as an exercise. It incorporates most of the editors from Arcade Game Designer 4.8 with a few omissions, alterations and the occasional addition crammed into 16K.

Power-up with this ROM and instead of the (C) 1982 Sinclair Research message you will be presented with the AGD menu. Design sprites, blocks, screens, objects, put them together and then write your code in the script editor. Unlike the original Spectrum ROM the keyboard routines have been written to detect a new keypress before the old key has been released, so you can type in your code as fast as you like. Four decades on and it's time to take off those gardening gloves! And with the editors now in the ROM the user has the whole RAM at his mercy, minus the space required for a few system variables, the odd buffer and the engine of course.

You can download the initial release (version 0.1) of the ROM here:

Documentation is included.

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