Other cores tutorial?

Time to talk about what other machines can run on the Next hardware!
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Re: Other cores tutorial?

Postby lgb » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:47 am

Thanks. Honestly I meant on another FPGA development board, now Digilent Nexys4DDR exactly (in fact I'm a MEGA65 developer, but that's a different story). Surely Next is really not the same Xilinx part what is on the Nexys4, but at least both are FPGAs from Xilinx. I prefer more Vivado (much faster to synth ... just to mention one thing) but it's possible that the FPGA in Next is not supported by Vivado but only by ISE. Soldering in general is not a problem for me, also I would not flash anything too much directly. But FlashAir wifi SD card looks like a sane idea as well. Thanks!

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