Greetings from Warsaw !

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Greetings from Warsaw !

Postby ACIDIZER69 » Tue Aug 18, 2020 7:26 pm

Hello fellaz !

When i was a 6 years old kid in 1983 my parents brought me from Germany a brand new ZxSpectrum 48k as a christmas present.
This is how the story started. Damn, to tell what happened next is like trying to tell you a life story with fast cars, girls, shooting spies and raiding Casino... just kidding ;) ... but that was quite story where computers were pretty important, always in the background and accompanied me the whole life as a great tools, friends, machines helping to explore the universe - the inner and that of outside.

After my Speccy died of natural causes and second hand Commodore C64 with 1541 floppy ( +300 discs ) took it's place it started to get more about music, demos, copy-parties up to the moment when i saw what Amiga can do ( Walker Demo and Wings ), soon i discovered the world of psychedelics, demoscene, underground techno scene and how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Those days turned quickly into the 90's : the LSD, PC ( from 386DX40 ), Fasttracker, CakeWalk, FruityLoops RB-338, Yamaha CS-1X and Roland TR-909 was the gear and whoa... that was quite a trip. Check out my YouTube channel for some seriously bad-ass acid trance, psychedelic beats and trips from these days

Later on there was [ THE THING ] and after 2 decades here i am on the nostalgia quest trying to commemorate and "live-through-again" some "good ol'days and moments". Of course we know it is not exactly the same after all these years, and to be honest, games, programs from those days are many times just plain silly, naive and simple as Duplo bricks. You know, when you do finish Battlefield 3 or go through the whole GTA IV story while on acid and in one sitting it is completely different perspective afterwards to play SpyvsSpy or BruceLee. Still - it is all about that something which although might seem to be lost but it is still in the smell of that plastic, sound of the tape loading, what's in between the lines of Basic programs you type from the computer magazine pages...

I own few classics, keep them as tokens of forever bright childhood and possibly as a good investment for the future for my sons.

I missed the 1st KickStarter. I discovered it when it was already too late ( don't know how but it slipped my attention ). Now i signed up for the 2nd KS. And whoa, i'm surprised that my wife totally backs me up saying "Enjoy yourself - you love it" even if she thinks that my 8-bit collection is primarily a heap of junk :D Yeah, she allows me as long as i don't oppose her next tatoos ;)

What can i do ? I'm so into that long wait and anticipation, dreaming, thinking, digesting every little bit of info, photo, news and newsletters. It reminds me of that christmas feeling ( although i'm a buddhist and christian holidays are not my "thing" ) when, as a kid i knew in advance what my parents are planning but i had to wait and finally get this beloved... GIFT

Yes. So Here we are. Glad to be here and join you guys. Greetings from Poland and looking forward for EVERYTHING !
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Re: Greetings from Warsaw !

Postby mitja_i » Wed Aug 19, 2020 3:46 am

Welcome to the forum!
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