hi from Uithoorn Netherlands

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hi from Uithoorn Netherlands

Postby adonet » Tue Sep 08, 2020 5:46 pm

In 1982 my father got me my first ZX81 16K home computer. I was really fond of that machine, but it couldn't produce colour, sound and didn't have verify and merge possibilities when loading from tape. And that was so important with the infamous RAM whobble. So when my daddy bought us the 48K ZX Spectrum in 1983 I was very happy. No more loading and saving problems.
I adopted the machine as my personal computer, bought a Lo>>profile keyboard in 1985 , an Alphacom 32 printer in 1986, An Epso TX80 printer with an ZX LprintIII interface in 1987, and a real diskdrive in 1988: The OPUS Discovery 1. I used the Spectrum until 1991 and even wrote my university paper on it.
I never got used to the newer ZX Spectrum 128K, allthough we did buy one later in the 80's. The real 48K Spectrum was the real one for me.

Then began the PC 386SX era, but I missed my own ZX BASIC machine. After some PC upgrades and the adoption of Ubuntu Linux in 2006, I started to use ZX Spectrum emulators, mainly to play Manic Miner. My all time favourite game. (I could only play the higher levels, when I was able to freeze and save the results of each level.)
I even did a project to build a Raspberry PI 3B inside the LO>>Profile keyboard running ZX Baremulator 3.2. Its as close one can get to emulate the real ZX Spectrum with HDMI capabilities. (look for it on http://zxmini.speccy.org/en/index.html)

I hope that some clever programmer can reprogram Manic Miner so that we can play it again with all the new possibilities of the new ZX Spectrum Next. (Though there are PC windows an PC Linus ports that run smoothly and colourfull)

Now I joined Kickstarter 2 and I can't wait for the next to be delivered.

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Re: hi from Uithoorn Netherlands

Postby Timbucus » Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:03 pm

Welcome to the Next family - thanks for sharing your background.
I'm Infinite Imaginations when not in work... PAWS for thought.

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