ZX Spectrum 80K core?

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ZX Spectrum 80K core?

Postby wallyweek » Fri May 21, 2021 3:26 pm

Is there anyone interested in developing a new personality for the ZX Spectrum with the 80K expansion?

That would be very interesting, I've always been quite curious about, but could never get my hands on it.


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Re: ZX Spectrum 80K core?

Postby Alcoholics Anonymous » Mon May 24, 2021 3:27 am

It would have to be more than a personality since it requires a little extra hardware to be able to switch out the ram in the same way. Personalities are actually the zx next core configured to disable much of the hardware and initialized by loading the standard roms in before booting.

The 80K mod is not something I would put into the Next itself because the Next has much better banking capability, including the ability to switch out the same 32K to map in any 32K segment but done in a different way. Adding it, without a good reason, would only unnecessarily complicate things. Is there actually any software around that makes use of this?

Anyway an easy way to do it would be to make a standard spectrum core and add this probably few lines addition to allow the extra banking. It's not that hard to do as open source standard spectrum cores are out there and if anyone wants to do it, we can help with the top level vhdl source. The zx next has space for 32 cores (that's 32 different hardware implementations - spectrum cores or other machines).

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