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Postby Stefan123 » Mon May 31, 2021 10:38 am

UPDATE: An important bug fix has been made to Wonderland version 1.1.0 and the downloads for Wonderland and the Magnetic Scrolls Compilation have been updated. Previously, the game could crash when saving or loading a game position during playback of an animation. This has now been fixed.

Strand Games is happy to announce that Wonderland, the last of the Magnetic Scrolls games, is now available for free for the Spectrum Next.

Wonderland is a huge game featuring over 100 location images with many of them animated and it was originally only released for 16/32-bit systems. For the first time you can now enjoy Wonderland on an 8-bit computer. Due to the complexity of the game, parts of the Magnetic Scrolls interpreter for Spectrum Next had to be rewritten in Z80 assembly to improve the response time.

The Magnetic Scrolls Compilation has been updated to include Wonderland and is now complete. A big thank you to John Blythe for updating the beautiful cover! The other games in the compilation have also been updated with performance improvements and bug fixes.


https://gitlab.com/strandgames/brahman/ ... mes/wonder

The Magnetic Scrolls Compilation:
https://gitlab.com/strandgames/brahman/ ... ompilation

Game info on specnext.com:

Strand Games:

Source code:
https://gitlab.com/strandgames/brahman/ ... t_magnetic

All seven Magnetic Scrolls games have now been ported to the Spectrum Next. The first three of them in remastered form and the latter four in their classic form. Strand Games will continue with remastering the remaining games and when they are available they will be ported to the Spectrum Next as well.

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