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NextBASIC programming competition

Postby CPCOxygen » Mon Jul 19, 2021 12:20 pm

Hope it's ok to post this here:

Due to the interest in our NextBASIC programming tutorial series in Eight Bit magazine, issue 10 of Eight Bit will be announcing a NextBASIC programming competition. The only rule is that the game must be written entirely in NextBASIC, must your own work, and be playable on an unmodified Spectrum Next. First, second and third places will win cash prizes and more, with every entry receiving a 3 issue subscription to the magazine.

Your game doesn't need to be a masterpiece to enter, even a good concept can go a long way. No game submission will be criticised. We only want to show the games entered into the competition and the programming concepts applied.

For more information or to submit a NextBASIC program, email us at

There's only a little over 24 hours to back the issue 10 Kickstarter at ... -issue-3-4 but you will also be able to get issue 10 from our website soon after the Kickstarter ends.

Note, you don't need to purchase Eight Bit magazine to enter, the competition is open to everyone.

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