Hardware Main Page

Here you find all the information about the Spectrum Next hardware, its special functions, tips and tricks to make the best out of your computer and code for it. These articles also cover the Next’s siblings: TBBlue, VTrucco, Multicore etc.

The Basics:

Anti-brick system
Important information about the system that protects the Spectrum Next in case of a failed firmware update, including how to recover from it.

Editor module
When booting the Next with the space bar pressed, you see this. Learn what it can do, and how to tweak the settings.

Explains how to use Next keyboard, the external PS2 keyboard, and how to access the function keys in every different setting.

Updater module
How to upgrade the firmware of your Spectrum Next, including some technical details of what goes on behind the scenes.


Boot module
A peek inside the module that makes the Next jump into life.

Boot system
A step by step description of how the Next initialises it’s hardware, and why each step takes place.

Config file
Understanding how the configuration file of the Spectrum Next works, and how to customise it yourself.

Next / TBBlue I/O port system
All the ports and their addresses to peek and poke your way around the Next

Hardware IDs
The IDs for the Next, TBBlue, devkits etc.

The Next implements hardware sprites to make it much easier to make your game or apps. They also count on a 256 colours palette!

SRAM memory map
The memory layout of the Spectrum Next and its siblings, including the latest 1Mb Ram model.

Turbo Sound Next
How to put those lovely sound chips to do your biding.

How to make your Next act like another machine!