New Next Software!

Since the cased Next’s started to arrive in the hands of backers, software development has increased with new utilities and games arriving every week.

Rusty Pixels showed us RAMS, a system that allows you to play a number of original arcade machines on your Next.

We had brief updates on Wonderful Dizzy and Rex Next (they are still happening!).

The Curse of Rabenstein arrived in full physical glory.

Marco’s Retrobits kind gave us Farmer Sam’s Dog Day. This one has just been updated (v1.1) with extra functionality and a level editor.

Les Greenhalgh has teased us with a new turn-based strategy game called Xeno Brigade.

From Sunteam, as if out of nowhere, we have Grelox: Colony 7. An interactive graphical adventure written entirely in NextBASIC.

It was only a few weeks ago that Sunteam gave us Spooky Tales by Candlelight!

And last but not least, MB Maniax have released Calm Commander, a file management utility for the Next.

And being the multi-taskers that they are, they have also brought us NextPlayer. A utility that enables you to play a multitude of AY formats.

It is a great start and long may this continue! Head on over to SpectrumNextGames for more information about these titles and more.