Next SD card v0.4 – NextOS 1.92

Latest distribution is always found at

Here’s the preliminary copy of v0.4 of the TBBLUE SD Distribution containing both a new Core that addresses most users’ memory and keyboard problems, adds HDMI audio to those with good HDMI display and restores 14Mhz. NextOS 1.92a courtesy of Mr. Garry Lancaster is included with various bugfixes, a Screen Saver (YES!) and Tape emulation loading via the browser.

For instructions on how to update your Core, refer to this article.

Support for UART/WiFi and RTC (with .DATE and .TIME commands courtesy of one Mr. Tim Gilberts) is included.

Included is the ROM for esxDOS 0.8.6b4. You need to provide the files that match this version to get it to work.

Special thanks to Allen Albright and David Saphier for dot commands, demos and general input.

DISCLAIMER: *NOT ALL* Issues have been fixed, but these that cover most users the Next Team decided to release for immediate consumption.

NOTES: There are 3 distinct folders in the distribution: first is standard NextOS, second is Speed Reduced NextOS @ 7MHhz (for users whose keyboards are temperamental) and third is Speed Reduced @ 3.5MHz (for users whose membranes are real PITA). Start with the first version and check if it works before going down the list. All distros are identical except for the NextOS parts.

 NextOS v1.92 SD Card v0.4 complete image – 4.5Mb (Download here)


Credits: Article image of cards piling up by MrGAWN