ZX Spectrum Next board (devkit) (Out of stock)

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The Spectrum Next mainboard, ideal for developers to start coding for the Next prior to its launch in 2018.

Out of stock

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For the hardware hacker in you, just the ZX Spectrum Next mainboard: all the features of the Spectrum Next, minus the case and accessories.

Ideal for those wanting to house the Next inside an original Speccy (requires a lot of hacking the original case, though — only for those able to deal with some DIY).

IMPORTANT: The board will ship in September 2017 (only Kickstarter orders ship in August). The Next is custom-made for you after your order it. Custom-made products are only refundable if they are faulty. Once you order it, it will be committed to production and thus non-refundable (except in case of a fault).


  • Processor: Z80 on FPGA SLX16, Normal and Turbo modes
  • Memory: 1Mb RAM (expandable to 2Mb internally)
  • Video: Hardware sprites, 256 colours mode, Timex 8×1 mode etc.
  • Video Output: RGB, VGA, HDMI
  • Storage: SD Card slot, with DivMMC-compatible protocol
  • Audio: 3x AY-3-8912 audio chips with stereo output
  • Joystick: 2x DB9 compatible with Cursor, Kempston and Interface 2 protocols (selectable)
  • PS/2 port: Mouse with Kempston mode emulation and an external keyboard
  • Special: Multiface functionality for memory access, savegames, cheats etc.
  • Tape support: Mic and Ear ports for tape loading and saving
  • Expansion: Original external bus expansion port and accelerator expansion port
  • Accelerator board (optional, not included): GPU / 1Ghz CPU / 512Mb RAM
  • Network (optional, not included): ESP8266 WiFi module
  • Extras: Real Time Clock (optional, not included), internal speaker (optional)

What’s included:
A ZX Spectrum Next board only.

Requirements (not included):
9V power supply, video cable (VGA, RGB or HDMI), PS/2 keyboard


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 x 21 x 2 cm