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Marsmare: Alienation

Category: Game
Genre: Platform (Action)
Status: In Development
Format: Digital+Physical
Cost: Paid
Author(s): Drunk Fly
Graphics: ER, Diver
Audio: n1k-o
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/drunkfly/marsmare-alienation

Have you ever thought if there is life on Mars? Our hero didn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrials. But one quiet July night he has found himself in the company of not so friendly aliens. Now he has to fight with different inhabitants of Mars and find a way back home.

Marsmare: Alienation is a platformer with elements of metroidvania. The game has 90 rooms, 8 enemy types, 5 different locations (laboratory, caves, factory, spaceport, and Mars surface), checkpoints, and other great features. All in 128K and with smooth 50FPS gameplay!

Now we want to make a physical release of our game on Audiocasette for ZX Spectrum 128K. And to make things more interesting, we will also make:

Second part, featuring 70 more rooms on the Moon

The game currently ends with a "To be continued" message. For the Kickstarter version we will produce a continuation with new content, new game mechanics and new enemies.

Version for ZX Spectrum Next with improved graphics

If you have ZX Spectrum Next (or a compatible computer, like N-GO or ZXDOS), you could play the game with a better graphics.

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