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Marbles Squared

Category: Game
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Donation
Author(s): Remy Sharp
Graphics: Remy Sharp
Language: English
Website: https://remysharp.itch.io/marbles2

Marbles Squared. Clear the board. Get the high score. The first Spectrum Next game with a live online leaderboard.

Main features:

- Almost 40,000 unique starting boards
- Joystick, keyboard or mouse input
- Online shared leaderboard
- Custom theme or create your own tiles
- Unlimited undo

The Game Play

The aim is to clear the board of "marbles" - the blocks, and reach the highest score possible. Completely clearing the board gets you a level up and extra bonus points.

Each game has a unique "seed", and once a seed is used you will see the exact same arrangement of boards on every level you complete.

Use the high score tables to find a game seed and challenge an existing high score. Remember to check the world leaderboard in game or online, for a real challenge!

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