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Dougie Do!

Category: Game
Genre: Arcade
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Author(s): Rob Moran
Graphics: Rob Moran, Emcee Flesher
Audio: A Man In His Techno Shed
Language: English
Website: https://robgm.itch.io/dougie-do

Dougie DO! is a tribute to the classic games of Mr DO! and Dig Dug. Hopefully this game captures some of their magic, and provides some entertaining gameplay. After all Dougie is related 😉

After his brother ran away to the circus to collect cherries, Dougie Do decided on a more profitable career .. Diamonds..

Use Dougie to collect diamonds whilst avoiding enemies. To combat enemies, Dougie can drop bombs & rocks. Be careful though, these can also kill Dougie. Finally be aware that not all enemies are the same.

Complete all 10 levels by either collecting all diamonds or by destroying all enemies via rocks.

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